IsoAcoustics ISO-130 Stands (Pair)

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Модели / Альтернативы
Need to properly improve your monitoring accuracy? IsoAcoustics ISO-130 Stands (Pair) monitor stands are just for that. They save you the money that you would invest in new better monitors by making your old monitors' sound tighter and by extending the bass altogether with the solid stereo field.
You might ask how this is even possible, but the thing is that ISO-130 stands are created according to the placement, isolation and focus principles of acoustics. This results in minimised reflections of nearby surfaces, which enhances the sound quality and makes it more sharp and crisp. Save more money by making your old monitors tell the truth about your audio signals with the IsoAcoustics ISO-130.
  • Suitable for small desktop monitors
  • Custom tilt and height adjustment
  • Short (6.35cm) or tall (20.32cm) design
  • Tighter and less resonant bass
Что в коробке?
  • IsoAcoustics ISO-130 Stands (Pair)
  • 6.35cm and 20.32cm height tubing sets
  • 2 end plug sets
Department Speaker Stands
Min. Высота 7.5 cm
Высота 7.5 - 17.8 cm
Размеры 13 x 15.2 cm
Вес 1.68 kg
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