Audio Technica ATH-PRO5X (Black)

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Audio Technica updates the PRO5 line with the ATH-PRO5X professional DJ monitor headphones. Featuring lightweight, sturdy construction and two interchangeable, locking cables – a 1.2m - 3m coiled cable and 1.2m straight cable – the ATH-PRO5X headphones are designed to stand up to professional DJ use. The PRO5x headphones are equipped with newly developed 40 mm drivers capable of handling 1.500 mW of input power, giving you extremely accurate sound reproduction that remains distortion-free even at high volume. And the soft, durable earpads fit comfortably over the ears to provide excellent sound isolation.

  • Newly developed 40 mm drivers provide extremely accurate sound
  • Maximum input power of 1.500 mW enables distortion-free wide-range audio reproduction even at loud volumes
  • Comfortable, durable earpads fit over ears for excellent sound isolation
  • Soft, durable earpads can be worn comfortably for hours
  • Over-ear style delivers exceptional isolation and long-wearing comfort
  • Lightweight, sturdy construction

Product instruction

Что в коробке?
  • Audio Technica ATH-PRO5X Professional Over-Ear DJ Monitor Headphones (Black)
  • Coiled Cable 1.2 - 3m
  • Straight Cable 1.2m
  • 6.3mm Screw-On Adapter
Дизайн Over-ear
Тип Закрытые
Частотный Диапазон 5 - 35 000 Hz
Номинальное Сопротивление 34 Ω
Чувствительность 100 dB
Макс. Входная Мощность 1.500 mW
Headphones Foldable Нет
Вес 250 g